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I went to the foot ball game to see the men shaped like triangles.
Giants at four hundred pounds with all those huge bonejangles.
I wondered why they were so deeply schitzophrenically sporty.
With piston legs of four second forties and all dead by forty.
Make daddy so proud.
throw yourself in a mushroom cloud.
One in a million chance.
To make this finance.
I went to see the basketball game to see the men tall like trees
Growth hormone at 13 years old was mommy dearest special expertise
Dad sneaked the stuff out of the plant when he worked at Dow Corning
But the player dunks like rising like jesus on Easter sunday morning
Enough to make a dog sick
Devil's walking stick
One in a million chance
To make this finance
I went to the baseball game to see the men who were normal cultural heroes
The chance of these guys taking any illegal substance was just about zero
Everyone takes the stuff to bat even the great a rod on steroids
forgot to mention that it also gives you a bad case of hemmorrhoids
This is a parade you can't ignore
Pharmaceutical hardcore.
One in a million chance
To make this finance
Are we any different from these cartoons hell everyone takes paxil
Many of us get older and for each little ache go on the pain pill
If miky jackson can get a general anesthetic to have and night's sleep
The explanations that become excuses can make you weep
Hard not to grab you throats
In this duel of the footnotes
One in a million chance
To make this finance
I just can't help wondering cause I'm not all that smart
Why billionaires buy teams just like the lost leaders at walmart
They may already have the clearance papers from the DEA
To market their team's players DNA
Lets all pay for their next round
As we wait for the new kings to be crowned
One in a million chance
To make this finance


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