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Here are fifteen sets, each with thirteen original songs (195 tunes) that you might find worth a look.


The musical credit goes to Jay Cobra on guitar, Ted Hesketh on slide, Bill Barclay on keyboards in set 14 and of course Mitch Lazer and son Rhys for everything. Cudos also to Adam, Max, Joon and Stephan (the group "Lady") for the three rocky tunes in set ten and set twelve and thirteen in their entirety. Also on set fifteen thanks to Andrew Leonard (harmonica),Sarah Reid (backup vocals) and Peter Carson (keyboards).


The mandolin musical credit in the first four tunes of set one and two (as of Jan 2012) goes to Chris Terhune, an old friend who reappeared in my life after an absence of thirty three years.


Download what you want with the little note icon. In this modern world of scaleable bits/bytes unless there is proprietary hardware associated with a product it is essential free. Interesting times we live in!


My hope is that someone out there might enjoy these tunes.



ps- Some have asked me about the copyright thingy at the end of each tune. I just left the boiler plate in because I was to lazy to remove it. Besides copyright doesn't mean anything these days, so feel free to use any of this content just like it was under creative commons copyright.

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